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This sweet peanut butter treat is surprisingly healthy for all the creamy flavor you get in one bite. Made from silken tofu and plenty of creamy peanut butter, this pie is dairy-free! image: Kathy Patalsky

I’ve been making vegan cream pies all weekend long. First it was my Chocolate Cream Pie with straight up vanilla and chocolate flavors. Then I ditched the chocolate and added in spoonfuls of peanut butter to make this pie.

My cream pie blitz has come on ever since I found a product that is essentially, “vegan cool whip” -I really can’t stop myself. It’s called Healthy Top by Mimiccreme. The topping is actually nut and coconut based, so it is soy-free. I chat more about this product and where you can find it in this post.

Agar Agar? Agar is a flavorless seaweed based ingredient, that acts a lot like gelatin. In my chocolate cream pie I used agar agar to make the pie extra custard-like and really gel in the fridge. But for this pie I wanted to see if the coconut oil, peanut butter and tofu would firm up on its own. This pb pie was much softer than the agar-infused chocolate pie. The texture was more like a thick pudding rather than a firm custard pie. But it did still slice (rather than scoop) when well chilled!

Either way (with or without agar agar) your pie will taste great. My full agar procedure is found in my chocolate pie post). Chocolate Cream Pie..

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