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Vanilla Frosting

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Fresharoos Flavored Nut Butter Frosting is the all-natural, gluten-free spread that will take your favorite snacks and meals to the next level!

Inspired by the beloved frosting snack from the 90s, Dunkaroos, Fresharoos uses all-natural ingredients to bring that same delicious flavor and fun to your home as a healthy nut-butter that can be used to enhance your favorite foods.

Peanut-Free Nut Butter
– Our nut butter is made using raw cashews and almonds instead of the usual peanuts for a delicious and creamy final product that is safe for sufferers of peanut allergies with the same boost of nutty protein for a tasty, nutritious spread.

4 Delicious Flavor Options
– Fresharoos nut butter frostings are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, or Marshmallow and arrive ready-to-serve in 10 oz. jars. Try them all for a series of unique flavor experiences that your friends and family will thank you for!

All of our flavors are a combination of creamy frosting texture with the healthy, protein packed benefits of nut butter. For an added burst of fun and crunch, each of our flavors are infused with colorful, all-natural sprinkles that make a party out of any snack or meal!

A Healthy Alternative to Syrups and Frostings
– Made using all-natural ingredients and less sugar than store-bought frostings, our protein packed nut butter is the healthy answer to sweets cravings and can be used as an alternative to syrups, frostings, and butters.

Slather it on pancakes, waffles, or muffins; use it as a dip for pretzels, cookies, wafers; a a spread for fruits, or just take a spoonful for a protein boost or healthy snack!

Give your favorite foods a delicious and healthy boost of flavor inspired by a scrumptious blast from the past, add Fresharoos Flavored Nut Butter Frosting to your cart today!

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