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A few years ago, aside from chocolate & cinnamon, the lack of flavored nut butters on the market was something that was seriously lacking. I had been making my own flavored almond butters out of my little 10qt food processor and everyone who tried them absolutely loved them!The positive feedback felt like a jolt of lightening, so riding that wave of feedback I decided to get some labels made, and open an Instagram account to see if people outside of my family and friends thougt the same. After a few months the jars were selling faster then I could make them so it was at that moment I decided to take a risk that would end up being the best decision my company ever made.


It got to the point where I had 8 different food processors running day and night in my tiny one bedroom apartment so one night
I started googling “Commercial Nut Butter Machine” to see if there was something out there more efficient. Turns out every single commercial
nut butter maker was made in China so I emailed every company I found. Two days later I wired some guy named “Frank” basically every dollar
I had and almost four months later, waiting on pins and needles, I get a call from the Port of Miami saying the machine arrived! Now comes the fun part

Mind you, I’m still operating in my one bedroom apartment so when I finally got the machine inside I realized it wasn’t wired for US circuits.  Scrambling to figure something out, I saw my maintenance guy Joel driving his golf cart by so I yelled for him to stop so he could help me. I have no idea what the hell he did but, somehow he ended hooking up the machine to my washer/dryer outlet and just like that the machine fired up! Here comes the next problem….the machine sounded like a freaking helicopter so needless to say my neighbors were pissed lol. I ended up running production for a couple months then moved into a 1500 sq ft warehouse here in South Florida. After about a year we ended up outgrowing that warehouse so we found a co packer in Colorado that we use to this day.


We don’t take shortcuts. Every one of our custom recipes
epitomizes our company philosophy:


Small batches


Attention to detail


All natural


Delicious flavors

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